Photographer’s Guide to Point Reyes


Inverness is a cute town on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, on the shore of Tomales Bay. It has a few stores and restaurants, lots of piers, and the classic remains of the Point Reyes.

The Point Reyes is beached behind the Inverness Store, on private property. The last time I was there, in May 2008, there was a sign saying it was ok to take photos as long as you stayed on the small trail. Be respectful. The sun rises over the hills on the other side of the water, and sets past the ridge behind you. An approach I found successful was to photograph it before sunrise, while the water is still smooth.

There’s limited parking along the side of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, and the line of trees between the road and the water will frustrate you as you see things you’d like to photograph, but can’t find a good angle or a spot to park. This makes getting pictures of many of the piers difficult. There are a few potential shots that I’ve seen while driving past, but haven’t yet figured out how to capture because of trees or brush growing in the most inconvenient places.

Launch For Hire


I don’t know what the story behind this boathouse is, but the lettering on the “Launch for Hire” sign is great! It is just north of the town of Inverness, so you’ll drive through it on your way to the rest of Point Reyes.

This shot was taken in the afternoon, so the boathouse is in the shadow while the hills beyond are still sunny. This is taken looking southeast, from north of the boathouse.

The Point Reyes


This is the Point Reyes, resting behind the Inverness Store. I took this early in the morning, just a few minutes before the sun came up behind the hills in the background.

The texture on the boat is wonderful to work with. There’s a healthy layer of dirt (and possibly moss?) covering the formerly-pristine white paint. It gives you a lot of options for how you interpret the scene visually.